American Eagle
spring/summer 2016 campaign
in Tulum, Mexico - part 1/2

ok here we are in tulum for an american eagle job . above
is my cool roomate max . myself and the girl amanda (above)
were the last to arrive in mexico and the reservation was fucked
up for me leaving me w/ no bed . so the hotel staff placed a single
makeshift bed for me on the floor to sleep in the first nite there

the hotel was called the "kore hotel tulum" but there were
slippers i found in the closet that read "adonis tulum gay men
resort and spa" lmao how amazing is that ? they renovated and
changed the hotel but forgot to take the slippers out . i took 2 pairs home

we all got manicures, pedicures, haircuts, and spray tans . i've
never gotten a spray tan before but i totally get the hype about it .
it turns you into a total babe in 20 minutes i 100% back it

i've only been hearing about tulum for the last year and a
half i feel like . it's the new chic cool getaway location and
i get why now . it's a one road town literally, one lane going
west and one lane going east . feels so small yet much to do

every day we would wrap us kids would go eat
dinner together at the hotel restaurant . everything was
inclusive but for some reason we all hated the food so much .
look at the room service below, the shake (below) was left alone
for only two hours and look how much it seperated.. yikes

as you can see my favorite person to photo was the breathtaking maia .
she came in wet from the rain and the hair stylist jason and i gave each
other that, "jesus christ..." look . i thought she was insanely beautiful but
actually everyone was beautiful in their specific way, good casting AE

when we were shooting we say a naked child frolicking
on a hammock so we all went over to play w/ her . just
a little youthful lovely moment <3

get it together max we have 7 days of this :P





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