American Eagle
spring/summer 2016 campaign
in Tulum, Mexico - part 2/2

the location for lunch on day 3 was insane . look how wonderful this looks !
i made a note of where this was and took minji there when she arrived :)

this was lauren, the producer . she was on top of everything . besides
a commercial, this was the biggest production i have been on, someone said
this cost 1.2 million dollars . i was in awe of how control of everything she was .
then i learned she was 22, something about having someone younger than
keeping me in check when i'm fooling around makes me feel pretty immature ;)

they had this elaborate final shot . the crew were cutting wood and
working on it all day, it resembled some tiki flame ceremony . it was
going to be really beautiful . we all waited in the house for the rain to stop
and then it cleared up so the whole crew went out . after about another 5 min
of rain again they just said, "fuck it, it's a wrap" . it was the most uneventful wrap
on the biggest job ever . we all kinda looked at eachother confused but relieved

the wrap party was a blast, everyone was just dancing and hanging out .
the air was humid and perfect and we all just laughed and enjoyed ourselves

i loved being the oldest model there and hanging out w/ the
kids for 5 days . they remind me what it was like to be their age .
thx american eagle and everyone for a wonderful way to start 2016 <3






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