i had to go thru seven x-rays total and i know it can be
bad for film so i got it handchecked every time . it is so
interesting seeing how the different countries are . in usa we
are extremely thorough (and annoying) . the tsa here popped
open every canister and checked it out, then did the paper
test on about 25% of them . in germany they checked a couple
canisters and paper tested about one or two . in nigeria they would
look in the bag and ask me what it is, then just shake the bag
around and just nod . which is rad it's like they just take my word for it

it was so cool, the man on the far left had to go out w/ us for protection .
he came into the club strapped ! he was even drinking and dancing,
i would say, "hey look at her she's cute" and he would go over and talk
to her, not for me but for him ;)

after getting rejected 3-4 times by her jimi finally got this girl from
the club . i couldn't believe that she said no so many times but
yet he kept trying and he came thru . she even had the audacity to
ask him to buy her two champagnes just to talk ? but his confidence is
legend, that's why he's my boy ;) i have no idea what's up w/ her makeup tho...
she be lookin like a vintage chinese doll, got slapped in the face w/ flour before
she showed up, ghost face killa lookin' ass bitch . i'm just joking and to be honest
i'm just being a hater because guess how many girls i got in nigeria ?! zilch, zero,
nada, nothin.. i wasn't rlly tryin but still, no one even looked at me twice ;( ;( ;(

after we came home and us guys just smoked and
drank until like 5:30 am, love those kinda nights

this is nwanyinaya, she would always follow me around whenever
we were at the house or church . i asked her why she wasn't afraid
of me or coy when she first met me . because there was an instance
where a bunch of kids in the city were completely fascinated by me,
but also very shy and terrified by me . she told me this, "when i first saw
you i was happy, because the only time i have seen a white man before was in
my dreams" . something about that line, i know i'm going to remember it forever

Nne and i scanned our faces (pictured in 2 posts ago) . i went
into her room and she had mine taped up on her wall, luv that <3

^^ goodbye world's angriest dog, i'm going to miss you :P

the ride to the aiport home ;( the freeways were lined w/ thousands
of streetlights . permitting off this orange glow combined w/ nigeria's slow
hot wind.. aaahhhh i wished it was nite forever, seemed like gotham city

last photo in africa . miss and love u all already <3 <3

before we finally got home we had another layover in frankfurt, this time only for 7
hours . i went into the city solo w/ one mission, to find that girl from the club...

and look... i found her ;) ;) ;) i told her, "mara we can see each other again ya
know, but i can only be w/ you for about 3 to 4 hours and i get in at 5am and you
have school :(" she didn't care, she ditched school and took the train to frankfurt
just to be w/ me a little . that's soooo cute it kills me . it was pitch black and raining but
we hung out till dawn and then some . we went to this coffee shop and she ordered a
"toffee coffee dream" . i just looked at her and thought, "... god i love you"

then after we walked around for hours, we went to the square, to the opera
etc etc . all places i had already been to w/ jimi and remi but w/ her it felt new .
i'm telling you frankfurt is a city that you can get lost in on foot it's amazing

those red shoes <3 those were the only ones i brought for the whole trip
and obviously the only ones i wore . i bought them off my friend anthony
for 50$ they are my favorite i've ever had . we all packed super light i was so
impressed that all they had for two weeks was just one backpack, it's inspiring

how i fell in love w/ a romanian girl in germany on a trip to africa still
escapes me, but whatever cause i'm not complaining ;) anywho after
we waited at the train station for me to go back to the airport
and for her to go home . we just sarted kissing furiously knowning
that the time we had together was limited to minutes . "i'll get
the next one... one more... next one..." at least 6 trains went by
but i just didn't want to get on one yet . when i finally did i watched
her as the door closed, (yes as corny and cliche as it is) i asked if i was
going to see her again and she smiled and said yes . but the thing about
it tho is that we both really don't know if it's true, but no matter what we'll
have those frankfurt layover memories . i mean how could i forget this ??
but as you can see i'm a lover and a dreamer, and i'm like kevin garnett
when it comes to situations like these... ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE

KUNLE... before we left auntie and uncle gave us all money as a
goodbye gift . the amount.... it blew me away . i've never been given
anything close to that amount in my life . the ticket, the visa, all the money
i spent in airports/frankfurt/nigeria didn't come close to this . you
could double or triple and still not close, so i techinichally made money ??
it completely perplexes me why it even happened ? but they are really
giving and loving people, and i thanked them for everything . it's like, i ate
all the food, i danced in the club, i played ball w/ the locals, hung about
doing earrands, never complained and was grateful . i dreamed the impossible dream
and reached the unreachable star and it feels like i was rewarded for it, this is a
pointless rant but i'm just so thankful for this . KUNLE & WILD AFRICA 4 EVER

remember in the first post of this series i talked about the mood
being different from arriving and departing ?? the photo above is a
perfect example . there was a lot of tension building between us
and we let it all out in a conversation . remi told me that it annoyed
him how much i take photos, that it "disrupts the flow" of things . i didn't
even have to think about it i knew he was right . sometimes i think that
i spend more time CAPTURING my life more than i spend LIVING my life .
but when i sent all these images to him he texted, "i have gone back and
forth for the past 30 min (to) look at them" . i loved hearing that, but i spent
about three times that much ! it's just brings me so much joy to capture my
life i don't know why . i had so many friends when i got home tell me,
"hey let's get coffee and you can tell me all about africa" . in my head i'm like
"no..." but i realize because that's what generally everyone does . but me, i have
captured every moment and wrote about how i felt and what i saw, how i
percieved it and what it meant to me . this site gets around a thousand hits
a day, and since i don't know that many people it's safe to say a lot of people
(you) are stangers to me . but i just put you right next to me, like you were
there, you saw what i saw and read what i thought . i told you the story
better than i could tell my best friends at starbucks . i hope you enjoyed
looking and reading as i enjoyed sharing this all




i told mara this janet jackson track is our song, she was into it ;)

this was my song for the whole trip, actually it's like my life song
now, top 5 forever kinda song . i like both versions so posted them both






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