as you may know from previous mention on here/facebook/instagram
that i told remi because he's always traveling, "hey man i have some money
and time, wanna go on a trip ? maybe drive thru mexico ?" somehow that
turned into going to Nigeria for two weeks . Even better . the trip is from
jan 8-22, and the roster is remi, jimi (remi's brother), and myself . so the next four
posts are all photos from that adventure, first stop is Frankfurt, Germany .
we have a layover there from 10am-10am before africa . exactly 24 hours ;)

minus the 3 small bags you see bottom left, we had to check ALL those bags .
remi's mom wanted to give her sister in Nigeria some things . the money
it cost to check them could have bought another ticket to Nigeria it was insane

i smile when i look at these two photos ^^ because i just love
their expression . the energy departing your home is ALWAYS
different than the energy arriving home . coming back is always less,
but here, you can't vacuum the excitement out of us, you can't wipe the smiles
from our faces ! we were ready for something amazing, i love that feeling...

our hostel was right next to the train station . we couldn't check in till 4 so
we basically just walked around for 5 hours being tourists and taking photos .
sounds boring but that city is so beautiful, everything was so neat, all the
buildings are gorgeous, every car is either white/grey/black/dark blue (photo below)
it sounds depressing but it looks so amazing, all the cars are clean so they reflect the
trees and buildings off the hood, every street was windier and more endless than the next

we ate at the best reviewed bratwurst place we could find on yelp .
we ate about 4 sausages and french fries covered in what we thought
was some kind of authentic german white sauce but turns out was just
mayonnaise . anywho... after that remi just casually walks into an agency
and get's signed (photo below) . this is remi... he can just do that . remi is
honestly breathtaking, yes i am choosing the word breathtaking because
it's true . that's why he gets more work than me and all my model friends .
he can take an 11 hour flight, be walking around for hours, eat hotdogs and
french fries and walk into an agency w/ sweats on and get signed . most of the
time you see a hot model chick in a magazine or something and think, "wow she's
fucking perfect" but then you see her in real life and it's like night and day - it's totally
different . but remi's body and face are flawless 24/7, he looks exactly like all his
retouched photos . me on the other hand... i can't just walk in and get signed like that .
my hair's gotta wake up looking cool, i gotta cover up my bad skin, i have to workout
for a week, wear something cool, etc etc ;) just love how casual it is for him it's fun to watch

him taking digitals ^^ they had (i'm assuming) a fake iphone screenshot
of a model text that's pretty cheesy, it's actually painful how corny that text is .
why they thought it was so witty to put on the wall i do not know

patricia rendell... this girl changed our whole trip ^^ we stayed in a room w/ four
beds so she was our roomate . so friendly, so casual and easy . she just moved from
australia to here because she simply, "likes it here" . she's like, "yeah i'm getting ready for my
first day at work" . i was tripping out because i think myself and many others have that
nervous feeling and are on edge for a first day, also it's her new job in a completely new continent .
anywho she's like yeah if you want to meet up after we can have some fun . and we did ! she's the
best, god i just cringe at the thought of having like, some timid ass asian guy in there . we
wouldn't have had an awesome night like we did all because of her .

we finally agreed on a dinner spot then walked about 30 minutes in the cold
to meet patricia at a nearby bar . more proof that frankfurt is beautiful below..

so we met patricia and her whole clique of foreigners that i'm sure
she met by just being awesome at the hostel . jimi seriously said to me
5 minutes before we got here, "i don't really wanna drink" . but when we arrived
and saw that it was 2 euro shots how could we resist ?? if you know me you
know i never drink shots, that's like college bro shit . but i totally get the appeal,
it get's you really really drunk really really fast . him and i and pat were going IN

they had over 100 in their selection w/ silly names, so it was fun
picking new ones to do . we must have done at least 5 it was rad .
then i basically said, "this is great and all but i REALLY wanna
turn up" . pat replied, "there is a club nearby that is open till 5 am..."
jimi and i gave each other this devilish grin and were like, "LET'S GO !!"

after a short taxi ride the four of us got there around 1 am .
we danced and fucked around for about 4 hours we were all having
soooo much fun . this is what a frankfurt club looks like at 2 am ^^

this picture plus the next three make me laugh out everytime
i look at them . i'm so happy i'm around to capture this stuff :)
the photos basically narrate themselves but i will as well, here we go..

"hey jimi i'l give you 10 euros if you take your shirt off"

*jimi getting lot's of looks now from girls*
"you can't have all the attention and i have a great body too so..."

*both of them*

then the buffest security guard comes and tells them they have
10 seconds to put their shirts on or he is gonna throw them out LMAO !
the whole time pat and i are just watching and laughing while i photo'd the whole thing

this is the fucking dream team right here ^^ we love you pat

i saw this girl in the last hour and thought she was so beautiful . she
kept staring at me forever . btw i just want to point out that i need a
girl to stare at me for ridiculously long amounts of time because i'm
extremely insecure and need that kind of reassurance to make me feel
confident . because when i get rejected it stabs me in the heart and
just remains there for years... i asked a girl to dance once when i
turned 21 and she said she had a bf when clearly she didn't . i STILL
think about that, god i'm crazy . anywho i went up to her and the first
thing she said after hello was, "are you on ectasy ?" i think it's because
i've been dancing for hours and will not stop smiling/wildin' out . then
she tells me i look like brandon from 90210 . at this point i'm wondering
what's weirder ? her questions and statements ? or the fact that a young
girl in europe has watched 90's 90210 and recalls the characters names ??
but we danced some more and then she said she had to leave, i pulled
her in for one last kiss and i watched her go . much to my dismay tho my story w/
her is not finished, not yet... stay tuned 4 something unexpected & beautiful ;)

then we left, we were still wildin' out, we walked home in
freezing weather and got lost multiple times but we did not care .
i was laughing so hard when jimi realized we passed the Tesla
dealership twice in 30 min, we just did a giant circle haha

when we got home that's when we finally called it a day, patricia fell asleep and the rest
of us took showers . it's 5 am and at this point i have been up for 35 hours straight,
but i would not sleep until i got on the plane so total it would be 40 hours, it did not
phase me, weird feeling . my baby fell asleep without covers so i tucked her in, i never got to
properly say goodbye and tell her she's amazing and that she made our day incredible <3

the next day i would be in africa . i told remi, "dude i have this weird feeling, did we peak already ?
cause that was one of the best times in my life ??" he looked at me and said, "bruh we
haven't even gotten to nigeria yet you have no idea" . boy was he right !! ;) :P



right before i left my friend showed me this guy "PARTYNEXTDOOR"
i liked it and so did my boys so these were our germany jams




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