we visited remi and jimi's grandfather that lived about 10 hours
away from abuja driving distance in a village . when we got out of the
airport i was completely blown away . there were four cars, two
were nissan frontiers, w/ men wearing full military gear in 90+
degree weather . then there was a sedan filled w/ three men
in suits w/ assault rifles, and then there was our car, w/ 2 drivers,
and us in the backseat w/ spraypainted black windows so we can't
be seen . it was quite the sight, when remi's mother came to visit
there was one car w/ two drivers that's it . but because i am white,
and supposedly word can travel fast that i'm staying w/ a man that
has power and wealth, they took extreme caution . just so wild !

just chillin w/ the gun out the window . we convoyd the whole 3 hours .
which means that every car had to be tightly connected and never seperated .
add that to CRAZY nigerian traffic and it's just a combination for getting
carsick . easily the most shocking and crazy moment was when a cop
tried to cut infront of a car and Jasper, one of the military men, jumped
out of the frontier and pointed the gun at the cops and told them to halt .
like he literally pointed an assault rifle at the COPS w/ his finger on the
trigger just screaming at them to not move . again... just so wild !

i still wasn't allowed to shoot anyone w/ guns so
i had to sneak this one when we stopped for gas ^^
remi being escorted by femi to get some snacks..

we got to the house and there was so many family members
there to greet us . i noticed when we got there they started calling
jimi "nelson mandela" and they were calling remi "seun" ?? i then learned
that remi and jimi's name was giving to them when they came to america
when remi was 12 years old and jimi 9 years old . but the whole beggining
of their lives they went by those names . also when we arrived the guards
were looking at me and smiling, then one said "kunle" or "adekunle" and they
all laughed . they said that it fit me, it means, "the crown that fills the home" . from then
on i just went by kunle, even when we eventually went back to abuja i was still kunle ;)

this is their grandfather . i just love how awesome this framed
photo of him in his house is . i adored the man, he was so welcoming
and sweet to me, very genuine and loving . there was one night when,
i just couldn't take it anymore . it was a week and a half and i haven't
gotten off and i was losing my mind . so there we were just all sitting in
the living room watching tv . i said said fuck it and went to the bathroom
to look at dirty pics stored on my phone . i came out after a while and just
casually sat back on the couch . no one looked at me or had a clue, "great,
i just got away without a trace ;)" i thought . then this honest, helpful man ^^
comes out and says, "jesse, were you on the toilet ??" i start to freak out
thinking he knows what's up, "yes..." i replied . "you were there for a while
are you sick ?" i was just like, "ummm no i just like to take my time" . i'm
smiling thinking about this moment because he innocently called me out in
front of everyone, i don't think anyone knew what i was REALLY doing but i
was still soooo embarrassed . just a funny memory from the trip i suppose

this is amala, my favorite food . remi and i shared this one,
the bowl of water is for everyone to wash their hands in, and
then you rip off some of that firm whatever it is (has the texture
of a hard mashed potatoe) and you dip it in the hot sauce . that's
remi's guinness btw, he had one w/ every meal, at least 75 he drank .
he says they are better in nigeria, i had one and i totally agree

we only had one full day so we spent it taking a tour through a shrine
and going to a waterfall . all the family from the previous night came
back plus the kid w/ the glasses . i was obsessed w/ him, i mean just look
at him ! the glasses, the outfit, his body language, his expression ! 2 cute

this is Femi . to me he was the most beautiful and
interesting character from this trip . im pretty sure since he was
w/ us every step of the way he was kind of the leader of the
3 person suit wearing gang . as you can see in the photo above
w/ remi at the gas station, he had a white handkerchief in his right
hand . well normally it was always between his fingers and the trigger .
i don't know if there was a functional reason for this but it just looked
so cinematic . the way he talked and moved, the way he wore a suit and
would barely sweat when i was in shorts and a tanktop dying . he was a
character out of baz luhrmann movie that you would hope would live till
the end . idk i'm over romanticizing this but he was just fun to watch i guess

honestly my favorite definitive moment of the whole
africa trip was the waterfall experience . i mean everyone
was just so elevated, so happy . we were all in the waterfall
having the time of their lives splashing and laughing like we were
all 13 years old . and the people who weren't in the water were taking
photos constantly just like me . just look at the energy in all the following pics .
femi the whole trip had this cool macho vibe but even he put his gun down and was
just so joyous and also taking pictures . i felt the presence of god there, now
not the god they teach you about in school where if you don't say or think his
name he sends you to a hot place, i don't pay him any mind . i'm talking
about my god, the god that's hidden, the god that surrounds us in this civilization .
i find him in moments of grace, and i saw him here and it was just an incredible moment

my camera, hanes boxers, versace pants, and a
tactial assault rifle . call me da beautiful gangster

ok i just wanna say, this little man was in my life from 10am-8pm
and i never saw his FUCKING EYES !! not ONCE !! i do not know his
name and also, that's not his mom in the picture . i texted remi yesterday (2/15/13)
asking who his mom was and he had no idea . i have no idea why he would
watch nickelodeon in a dim lit house w/ super dark glasses on . i have no idea
why he never took them off ever but i love it . he is a mystery wrapped in an
enigma covered in a riddle . this is nigeria's johnny depp right here, and i'm his
number 1 fan in the world . if he keeps having swag and tons of personality
(that you can see in my MANY photos of him) he is going to take the world by storm !





i totally forgot to add this in the list of songs i still listen too .
this one plus the two in the last post . but it works better in this
post because i first heard it in oshobo . when i saw all the men,
the guns, the spraypainted window, and then this was the first
song they played in the car, and it has this kind of dark tone to it . i recall
the feeling washing over me like, "yeah, i'm in the wild west right now" ;)




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