met w/ taylor and assad on a friday nite at a party . we hung
around and danced for a bit then they were like, ok we go home
now at 12:45 AM . i thought, "uh uh" and called up massimo and met
him at soho house . then we left around 2:20 am and everyone
decided to split . the uber surge was at 4.6 and i needed to get
from weho to downtown which they predicted was going to be around
a hundred dollars . they are doing this uber pool promotion and make
all rates a flat FEE of 5$ . best promotion ever, just spreading a tip :)

luna and i were sitting on my couch and we watched 6 back
to back episodes of eastbound & down . she looked at me and
said, "this is all we ever do" . i replied, "well you wanna watch
me play basketbal then ?" . she smiled and nodded ;) <3 <3 ^^
then i asked if she wanted to go swimming and she was down but
all she had was a thong onesie . i told her i might get in trouble
bringing her up on my plaza's pool showing her ass out in front of
families and kids but she didn't care and people were into it actually

this is alessio boni ^^ he commented on an instagram post (he
found me thru cuba, thank you babe AGAIN !!) and i clicked on his
instagram and was actually blown away by his work . he is an AMAZING
photographer, he is like a new age alasdair mclellan . i DM'd him and asked
if i could assist if he is ever in LA . anywho we built a lil' rapport and a week
later he asked to meet because he wanted to cast me for an editorial for
HERO magazaine which would have been major but unfortunately it didn't
work out . we ended up going out the next monday and had a great time .
here is some of his work (click here)

we were invited to an afterparty and ended up getting there in
the back of someone's van that they lived in . very fun

another nite out w/ my fav boy taylor, we were all surrounding
that girl above trying to show off, being very corny and i told her if
we walked two doors down to this magazine stand i can just grab a
Vogue magazine and just be in it . they didn't believe me, they were
wrong 4 that :P ^^ then i took the metro home and called it a nite

this was one week in my life i hope ya liked <3







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