i'm srry, i think i have taco breathe .
yeah.. but lucky 4 u i like tacos ;)

friday nite 1 am skating ^^

this was the tightest shoot ever . prolly only job ever where
everyone is filipino, emman, xeng, marga and i . we all had a blast

marga showed up in socks that my mom used to buy for me when i was
in highschool (all i wore was ankle socks) . friends used to ask me what kb stood
for and i told them "kool boy" . in reality they are "kirkland brand" from costco

next day i shot w/ all my fellow photogenics models for chapter

^^ i look horrible in this pic but watev, it's funny because peter picked up
the camera and i'm like, "no you fucking retard i'm saving the last shot !" hence my face
freaking out . but he shot it anyways..... ass . i luv a single image that tells a story :)
(also the last three shots look like shit because the guy forgot
to scan them so i had to but have no idea what i'm doing)








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