flew to SF to shoot the alternative apparel holiday campaign
w/ tatiana and nicole on makeup, we got picked up at the airport
then shot all day at this beautiful house in the forest

love this kid . he's 19 and just walked for saint laurent in paris twice,
which to me is pretty much the hottest brand out right now . but he was
here just assisting the photographer andrew . no ego or trying to brag
at all, i mean if i didn't even know he prolly wouldn't have brought it up,
i love that . he told me he wants to be a gardener, he's so so cool

i mean look at all these photos ! sometimes in moments like this i
do feel lucky to be working in nature w/ great people, it's awesome <3

this is all of us at dinner minus tatianna . she was w/ her boyfriend having
dinner somewhere else . look how funny i look, face full of makeup,
wavy hair and that mustache haha . i ordered a whole pizza and melissa
was like, "are you gonna eat the whole thing ?" i felt kinda bad because i don't know
if there is like an unspoken rule where the model isn't supposed to eat a
fuckton out of some mutual respect for looking good for client . oh well ;)

after the dinner four of the people and i (will not name names) got
really stoned outside of the hotel where we talked about bad energy,
ghosts, scientology, illuminati, bad juju, and soul cleansing in
machu picchu till about 11:30 . then i went back to my room and,
being high AF, read the WHOLE concierge magazine cover to cover,
every word . yeah... i swear for probably 5 minutes straight i stared
at the girl on the ad because i thought she was the most beautiful girl
i've ever seen and then got really sad that she'll never be mine . this
is why i don't smoke weed, anywho that hangout was my highlight <3

we went back to the house the second day to shoot for about
4 hours and then andrew drove us 3 to the airport and everyone
else drove a van all the way back to LA that same day

goodbye my friend !! thank you for everything !!

then because we had to wait four hours for our flight nicole
and i dropped a couple hundred on khiel's and then each ordered
at 27$ cobb salad . and tatiana being tatiana asked if they have any
"fresh pressed juices" to the waiter who works at the ITALIAN
RESTAURANT at the AIRPORT . LA moment much ?? ;)






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