rode out to palm springs w/ these dudes; charlie from yigal and chambers / aaron from edun / crosby .
by the end of the trip we were all homies . charlie and i bonded on our obsession w/ ASAP ROCKY

this was our jam right here

charlie is a pretty mothafucka, OKC is what he's reppin'
remember this face, he's gonna be huge soon i know it, i'm calling it ^^

anthony franco and brooke . was feelin her, she was my
favorite, so pretty i was taking pics of her the whole nite

full show here

i be that sleepy muthafucka, grunge is what i'm reppin

:) ^ ^ ^ ^ :)

anthony franco is one of the coolest people i have worked for . he's so easy going, so charming,
minutes before the show i heard him talking about the afterparty and drinking champagne,
like the pressure wasn't even phasing him . fully backing him, thank you for a great time tony :)

my dudes right here ^^

they put us up at the marriot that nite . swag

stayed w/ the homie ^^

morning after..... candy, weed and brew . what am i 17 again ?!

look who showed up.. ^^








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