Emporio Armani hanging
on barbed wire

...aaaaaaaand we're back in LA let's keep it going

spotlight... the sweat is so thick in the air you can see it .
i speak so highly of this place, i think it's the most wild
party in LA and the heaviest vibe i can think of . but boy, i
get manhandled so much in here i don't know if i can take it
anymore . whenever i leave here i often think, "wow this is
what a women must go through when she goes out"

i invited heidi, this girl from china that i met at a house earlier above .
she didn't care that it was 96% gay men she was just having a blast .
i love when people have that attitude . wow, look at her GO <3

jessica wore my sweater in and i told her it was going to
become a mess by the end of the night . so i hung it on the
barbed wire fence for the duration of us being there and when i
grabbed it there were holes and rips from the wire . i was so mad !

this nite we had the one of the best crews ever at rhonda . i told
everyone instead of chasing the nite and finding another party we should
just go back to mine and keep it hang . we ordered 150$ worth of delivery
and just talked on the fire escape and relaxed . that's the way to end Xx









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