even for a week

look at my squad, this is all of us before we went into
rhonda . we had such a great time that nite turning up :)
also my friend didn't like his face in this so now he's camouflage ^^


</3 GANNA </3 ^^

tomas directed me in my first music video over a year ago .
he contacted me telling me he had a new project w/ me in it,
i would have to make out w/ a girl over and over for 12 hours
but he would let me choose the girl . i remembered i saw ganna
earlier that week at rhonda (above) and thought she would be a
great choice so i messaged her and she was down for it

i mean, WOW what a beauty

we did the scene over and over and after he yelled "CUT !"
a few times it didn't really matter at that point . we looked at each
other and smiled and kept it moving . so about 25 minutes in the music
wasn't playing, the cameras weren't rolling, fuck the cameras weren't
even around but we still kept going ;) i mean look at us here on set <3 ^^

so when we wrapped at 6am and the sun was rising on a
saturday morning i asked her if she wanted to come home
w/ me, drink some tea and just chill . she was down and off
we went . i woke up at 1pm the next day and did something i still
regret, i slept thru a job ! (sorry roman) . so we had a bagel and
went to the broad museum . what spawned from that music video ended up
being a crush that lasted just a little while but still it was nice . ganna's
smile... the word charming is an understatement . she is one unique girl

i spent the night w/ her the next sunday and went home in the morning . she
called me about an hour later and i thought, "oh how nice she already wants
to hear my voice" (lol) i picked up the phone and she dumped my ass :P
i hung up, rolled my eyes and just shook my head while whispering, "god dammit"
i am definitely having george costanza's romance life going on right now

but in all seriousness, isn't that kinda cool ? the quickness and how
unexpected things can be . i went out w/ my friends and just so happened
to see ganna . i get a call from a director and he needs a girl . what if i
didn't go out that nite ? i wouldn't have picked her, and i wouldn't have felt
that way and enjoyed myself, even if it was just for a week and two days ! that's
the biggest reason to me why life is worth living, it's simply the spontaneity
of it all . at any given moment, someone or something is ready and waiting
to take your life down some hidden dirt path that you did not foresee .
it makes life fun, and curious . and all you have to do is just go outside..

this friday we went to duke demont w/ this awesome crew
like before at rhonda . this girl came w/ kevin last second,
when she walked into the house we all looked at each other like,
WOW . for the first minutes i thought she was emily ratajkowski .
i was really impressed by the way she handled herself, so cool
and fun . trevee wasted NO time on this and i do not blame him !
w/ his muscles and tan face he is truly mr. steal-your-girl . there is
no way i'm bringing any of my crushes around him he is savage

... and the beautiful night concludes at a house w/ about 15
shirtless men uncomfortably jammed into a jacuzzi . BYE FELICIA !!







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