back n the
malibu groove

same floor&view, right next to the old room

we always get the same thing, lobster blt 4 her and crab avo salad 4 me

she wore this jacket/poncho thing out and was getting crazed looks by everyone
i remember walking ten steps behind pretending to do the whole 'stoping to tie my shoes thing'... ;)

leftovers from p.f. changs, i decided i'll pay . when the waiter came back he instinctively handed the check
to her and then came too and gave it to me . at that moment it hit me.. i'm percieved as a boy toy, awesome


played both of these songs the whole weekend

my favorite level&song from parappa the rapper . most adorable game character ever
'i wasn't scared, you must've been dreaming' 'you weren't scared, i must've been dreaming'

this live version has such a cool guitar jam in the middle