can i stay just
a day longer

breanna came over for a few days




this girl was my girlfriend the majority of highschool and what not, when we did our first big break up she wrote me a letter and sent me this song .
i used to cry like a baby listening to it . this is the best written lovesong ever when it comes to describing someone, but now we're friends after that fail relationship .
how can you love someone when all you want to do is fuck every girl ? or how can you love someone when they're in love w/ 1 or 2 other people ?
you can't . it's like this movie quote

"I just wish I had met her 50 years sooner. but then maybe I needed 70 years of life to be ready for a woman like Ellen"

some things need time .'if it's real it will come back to you'
breanna ended the letter w/ that quote, best advice i've ever heard . now everything comes easy
these songs are ultimate too