holla at ya boy w/ his own trailer ! ^^

hannah and darrell, the three of us did the scene 'sharing music w/ friends'

off the shelf ! best food ever . just like at BMW

our conversation ^^
me - do i know you ??
him - no i don't think so
me - i swear i've seen you, did you do a bmw commercial recently ?
him - hhmmm... no i don't think so
me - ok well may i just take a photo of you anyway cause i'm almost sure...
him - ok



our clothes in commercial above and
clothes we wore to the commercial below (glasses crew)

everyone was fanning out because he was on glee ^^
he's got that awkward shy charm that i really like

they didn't MIME when i took their photo ! ;)

craft services motha fuckaaa ^^

i rolled outta there w/ hannah and in my car she heard a$ap
rocky and i looked over and saw her 'shazaming' it, so cool







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