help yourself to some canned wine

i loved this nite . we had bread and drinks at sunset tower, then went
warwick and delilah . very "west side" things . we weren't really having
any fun until we realized we should just do our own thing . so we went back
to ruby and sloane's house and played major tunes . ruby and i were going off
showing each other dance music hits from the 90's and we raged till 4am .
what a fun friday, i always say this but... australians are the best !!

i was at this party and i kept staring at how cool and beautiful she
looked . i felt like i knew her face from somewhere and after a couple
minutes it hit me . << you must click this >> that photo is when we
modeled together for levi's maybe 6 years ago . she had to bring
her dad to set because she was only 14 . look at her now... wow .
the outfit, the makeup, just the whole look . she was telling me how
she quit modeling and is moving to berlin . i couldn't believe it, just
an insane example of how people change over time . myself included :)

i met this guy (on far right) in the kitchen of that same party .
he told me he was a highschool teacher and i became consumed
w/ asking him all kinds of questions . then all of the sudden the move
was for everyone to go to this warehouse party where A-Trak was
dj'ing . i told him i wasn't done w/ him yet so he had to come w/ me .
this is everyone that i succesfully crammed into my mini to go there ^^

this guy came from highschool graduation !! what an epic day 4 him

that's the owner of j-brand ^ she casually came in a couple hours into
shooting and brought her dog on set :) that is definitely some boss shit

wayne was in the coachella entry where i met him at the moschino party .
i saw him sitting alone there and i walked up and said, "you look
comfortable" and sat next to him . from then on we've been best buds .
this was 100% cemented when he showed up to this house i invited him to
w/ HBA pants that matched mine . crazy how one simple interaction can
lead to a major relationship . glad i went to that moschino party ;)



thx for showing me these songs Ruby Xx





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