good thing about the new year is looking back, way back

first love was jenna

when i first met drew he DROVE me to a spot, i was in complete shock/bliss,
i felt like a pro, i always smile when i think about how silly that was

we stayed up all night trying on hats

BLACKSHEEP! we would have discussions
about who was in it or not when really it was nothing

when dalton was himself

dustin moved :( spending the night at his house was hell,
fri and sat were both terrible, if it was on friday i would have
to watch their friday night movie which always sucked,
on saturday i would have to go to church with them when i woke up!
his mom is a devout christian, already thumbs down 4 me, she
scolded me for wearing pink, didn't even let us sleep in the same room,
we had a bedtime too, i think it was like 10:30, but i got love 4 you :)
















back when i smiled more often,
happy new year