"Blue Moon 2012"

massimo is back living in LA . our first day together we went
to the beverly hills hotel which i have never been to yet . very
rich in LA history i enjoyed it . after we drove down to Emma's house
in malibu and walked along the beach, it was a very pleasant time

the perfect crew <3

the next day the crew texted me and was seeing if i could
join them at dave and buster's . i told them i was w/ my aunt and
sterling replied, "your aunt ?? bring her !!" so i did . that's so major
to me, i don't think my other circles of friends would be that into that
situation . but these people are just down 4 anything, it's why i love them

after a dinner party sterling offers to give us a ride to his house
so we can call an uber from there . tried to stay for only 10 min
but instead he takes out some art supplies and i end up watching
the two of them paint till 4 in the morning... another moment . #sterling

these were the "model rules" at one of my jobs . you only
get two 10 minute breaks and a 35 minute lunch . i was talking to the
photographer and he said, "i was in the marines, we would train for
18 hours straight, i've seen strong men cry . that experience does
not even come close to working HERE" i was DYING i laughed so loud :P

this is a night out at bootsy bellows . at this club and others in weho
everyone wears their cool outfits. lots of black, leather jackets, the
typical looks . sterling... he wears a fucking unflattering pink and lime
green windbreaker . i can go on and on about him... he's everything <3

i was opening my journal to write something and i discovered something
that my ex girlfriend wrote three years ago . it was an eye opener, it was
nice to reflect on who i was back then . i was very obsessed w/ flesh and
ideals to that do not appeal to me anymore . i like to think that i am a way
better person now . glad to have gone through everything to arrive today

who bit you there ? who is going to throw a fit and tell you to leave,
only to crumble 3 weeks later ? (hopefully not someone else) i left
but still these fingers can only touch so much . can't delete you
because after all, it was always just your banner over me . but may
you tell me because i want to know, who bit you there ?!?
"hey, did you hear me ?" Xx








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