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i'm going to tell you what i think about jordan and burning man .
he has a big fanbass, i think a lot of that is attributed to how
really beautiful he is . but so what ? there's TONS of gorgeous
people out there who have massive followers that they've acquired .
he has this unique way of doing selfie videos and captions for his
insta photos that people seem to like and copy . myabe that's something ?
but what i think makes jordan an absolute star is his fierce spirit .
it's his will to be outside, to do something really fun, and to keep GOING .
he has as much energy at noon as he does at 3am . the sunrise and
sunset mean nothing to him and dictate only the color of the sky . it's him
saying, "want to go to burning man ?" and within an hour a ticket is acquired,
and BANG, two days later we are there . ZERO preperation in the place that
it requires it the most . people spend weeks or months planning how they
will do burning man, in a city where the only two things money can get you
is ice and coffee . did we have a camp to stay at ? nope . food & water ? no .
did we have bikes to get around ? naw !! honestly we didn't even know how
we were going to get there from the airport ! jordan just kept saying, "it'll
work out" . we got a rental car and found a bike merchant on the way . and
just like that, everything fell into place . jordan found jessica and wilson who
saved our trip . within 15 minutes of meeting him jessica offered us her RV
as a place to stay for the duration of our trip . it just... all works out for him .
i don't possess this skill, i haven't met anyone to the level that he does either .
his, "no prep, act now" burning man trip ended up being FUCKING amazing .
this is what makes him the supermodel star, the fact he has more zest for life
and personality than 98% of humans on earth . if you are a naturally stressed
out person or a homebody like i can be it's impossible not to stare at qualities
like that and not be genuinely inspired for life itself . shine on you crazy diamond

we were so excited to go we were flying there . here the police pulled
me over for going 29 miles over the limit . we had no choice dammit

i love that burning man works on a trading system . this employee
offered us a parking pass but told us we had to trade her . she asked
for beer but we had none . then she said she liked my shades, a pair
that i have had for years . i said fuck it and gave them to her ^^ when in rome..

free cinnamon toast at 1am in the middle of the playa, why not ?!?

we were told the line to exit burning man was 4 hours . we didn't
believe it was that long, but it was DOUBLE that . complete boredom just waiting
in the line to move 100 feet every 30 minutes . people got out of their cars
and continued interacting w/ each other like the festival was still going on

we couldn't get a flight home so we had to drive the rental car all the way
back to LA . i was falling asleep and didn't want to kill us so i pulled into a
park and we slept overnight in the car . here is jordan refusing to wake up lol ^^


it took us over 24 hours total to get home . then Hertz rental downtown
wouldn't even take the car because it was so filthy . another location
did accept the car but charged me $185 for a cleaning fee . we told the
employee that he could keep the bike rack and he smiled . i would
think by then we would be exhausted, cranky, and would want to just
decompress... nah ;) as soon as we hit my place we took a shower, then
went off skating, i went to the spa, then we went out that nite . what a time <3








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