if only you could stay for a while
i like to see you smile
i know you can be so wild, so wild
could we have one more dance for a while ?

morgan ^^ wow, just wow <3

people on photoshoots wear plastic covers over their shoes
to prevent tracking dirt onto a white seamless paper or whatever
light colored floor there is . well we didn't have any on this set so
the stylist put zip lock bags over her feet, such good improvisation

just two good looking guys sitting in a tub

wow, my last photo of brendan . look at him go :) in underwear
on stage at the best party in LA, the one he added so much to .
lips smeared from kissing so many boys i'm sure, myself included .
he would always walk w/ a trail of people following him . he would
enter as if he was Bianca Jagger entering Studio 54 on a white horse .
always on stage, his presence was so loud . i want to be more like
him, that confidence . all of it was amazing, i'll miss u . thank you !!







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