only a month and a week

maud and i along w/ 200 people were trying to get into a house party that
was shut down by the cops . luckily i didn't have to call an uber because
i drive everywhere . so we get back in my car and i see my favorite
european boy, vanya . i told him to hop in cause i'm taking him somewhere
else, w/ no hesitation he left his friends and came w/ us . luv this kid

duke's smile ^^ :) :) l adore him so much lol

my crew going to rhonda <3

so amazing, one of the best fashion photographers giampaolo sgura
just having a blast and dancing w/ gracie ^^ love seeing major people
really just let go and have fun, i do not get sick of that sight at all

ending this entry w/ the last photos i have of maud . our relationship
was a funny one, i took her out to a party the first night we met and i was
introducing her as my girlfriend to embarrass her . it was a joke that
was never corrected and never stopped, it just fell into place . unfortunately,
she was moving away in a month and a week . i think knowing this from the get-go,
any sensible person would not get too involved in a situation like this . well,
apparently i'm not that sensible . we just enjoyed each other to much to care .
feeling sadness over the absence of someone is not my favorite emotion at all .
but the sadness only exists if that person made you very happy, which she did .
so on the last night she was over, maud gave me a letter she wrote to me .
when the last sentence was read, my eyes started to tear . if you can pull
that kind of emotion out of me in only a month and a week you must have
been incredible, and she absolutely was <3 love ya maud Xx

i know, i'm sad too !!! ;(








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