remi @ target ^^

the guy on the left organizes all the shows in l.a. and on christmas i
saw him on the news complaining how he has no water... poor guy :(

playing LA NOIR and what's cool is that it's exactly accurate to downtown, wilshire area, and
hollywood 55 years ago . i found my address in the game, that's what my loft was back then !

fridge of homies ^^

bri always goes to the starbucks that my dad goes too, so i told him to keep a look out for an
older filipino guy that is on some electronic device and stays there too long... he found him ;)

went into a starbucks in beverly hill before a show, invited this guy in line to hang w/ me . then he started
talking modeling and ryan mcginley... invited me up to his office and gave me two of his books . he commented on
my daily duo and messaged me on facebook something really pleasant . love meeting unexpected great people .

ball so hard ^^

the show had 500$ trade . they offered me this black one and i was like, (to the guy complaining about water above)
'ya know what, the show was so fun and i already have one like that so i'm cool but thx' . he's like ok here then
take this... and gave me this one for triple the price ! wear this thing everyday now !

my complex had a costume party for 250$ off rent...
she won ^^ she came as 'one nite stand' so brilliant






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