first photo taken


lauren's dork/best smile ever, saw alex driving

saw him sleep

saw him and chason wax the fuck out of their ledge

pac is so wack that people bring hay to sesh..... HAY

on the way to work, love the drive, love the work

i snuck a whole chipotle burrito in my pants to eat during stepbrothers

hell yeah baby

cupholder on a bike what you know about

the saddest ever! i don't know if this kid got totally ripped by some other kid
or if he brought it from home but he was boasting on this weed he had,
first glance i felt bad either way, dude brought like parsley or some kind of spice,
it was pretty sad, i think that's a college rule joint in there too, damn that's bad..

epic drag race

i lay under this tree at school between classes and i always look at this tree in particular,
it makes me pity myself for sleeping in, ahhh nature





soundtrack: the pointer sisters - automatic












there is a buddhist saying, 'as the wheel follows the ox that draws the cart, the wind cannot overturn a mountain'
you're talking like a song from the lion king, stop that it makes no sense