so odd i saw arto saari at a casting and i was thinking WTF r u doing here ?
anywho was sitting next to him and tried to sneak a pic but the flash went off and he noticed
i was so embarrassed but he started to laugh and said, 'you wana just take a pic w/ me ?' so cool .

had an audition for a subaru commercial and they wanted us to skate .
turns up it was at brandon beibel's skatepark ! i fell trying to 5-0 the ledge after 2 months
of not even stepping on a skateboard but it was fun to just skate there for a sec

met a guy skating downtown and he took this instagram pic of me .
one of these days i'm gonna get on that app

once they get their claws on you they'll never let go - SCIENTOLOGY ^^

favorite cell phone pic on the left . for the show they gave me slicked back hair.. i kinda like it

^^^ oh how the mighty have fallen....

after weeks over trying to GIVE the peppermint bark away i just ended up tossin it





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