^^ me in brian lichtenberg - me in hermes (that is way too tight) ^^

yes sir may i have the dried black fungus plz

pretty much the funniest thing ever . we were at the westfield mall in downtown
and going down the escalator we smelled something really bad . i initially accused the
guy in front of farting and anthony said 'no, it could never smell that bad' yet we were sure
it was him . so we followed him and watched him literally shake 'that' ^^ (pic on the left) out of his leg .
poor guy pooped his pants . this is anthony STILL laughing in the elevator from the incident .

when i bought my tv i tested out their ps3 to see how it would look .
someone working in the shop has been very naughty... ^^^

ok... winona ryder

right off of beyonce's back ! BL