LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT THIS ONE, my friend and i went to jackinthebox
around midnight and these people came , an older dude, and two girls a bit younger, yelling and screaming
and sitting on the counter basically not giving a fuck about anything. i didn't want to be the typical not look type so i
invited them over to say hi, this is where i snapped the flic. they started talking about my shirt, i was wearing this playboy tee
and the girl really wanted it, i said no of course. then the older dude asked for it, BTW he had a kid in a stroller.
5 minutes later he came again and offered 50$ for it because he wanted it for his girl, no. So as we left i said bye and he got
up and walked in our direction, and i'm like, still? it ain't happening. so we're at the car and he asked again for it, a bit more disturbed though.
i said nah and he replies constantly, "no, none of that" finally im just like dude, no! homeboy pulls a gun tucked in his belt out on me.
i'm standing there in disbelief, my friend starts to reverse so i shut the door and we were out. screaming and then laughing two minuted later.
4 A SHIRT. looking back i should have told him to shoot me to see what he would've done

which is more insane?

people grouped together to send me texts about two dicks, weird


not happening

i think it was december last year where everyday it was beautiful&rainy




they cancelled koth, total bummer. maybe i should be a twenty-something & watch trueblood.... sike
this is the pilot episode. they replaced the timeslot w/ tmz? for real?
my god tmz is beyond comphrehension, i won't even go into that... it's below the worst i'll just say that.


it's ok, we had pleasure

it's life









you have three girlfriends? wow you're like a moviestar,
or a normal guy in france