hey man can you take
some "behind the stage" pics ?

graham dunn gave me two rolls of a color film that turns into a black and white .
all these photos are those two rolls, it's not my favorite, but i like to try new things .
thank you for the film graham :)

i have two complete skateboards now, who wants to skate !?

these are pictures from my yearly family camptrip, this is my cousin matthew . spencer
(pictured above) and i told him he had to hit on a girl on the beach or we would both
punch him in the arm . he replied, "i would have either way..." also that tongue is for you ladies :P

he actually did it . here he is pointing at us, spencer and i were so embarrassed
and in reality we are just bummed becuase we are years older than him but still don't
have the nerve to hit on random girls like he does . oh well ....

i left the camptrip early to do a little handbag job .
justin and liz styled, megan mcdermott and i modeled it,
louis ramos shot it, elvis zavaleta did hair and makeup .
it was fun we just hung around venice and shot a quick video


megan went home and then louis busted out his flask, we all drank from
it then walked to the board walk to have dinner . that's the thing about working in
this industry, it's the constant factor that everything is NEW . when i worked a standard job
like most people (not saying that's bad) but you go in and you know everybody,
you say, "hi joe" and "hi lisa" . same routine and you do the same thing and it can be very non stimulating after a while .
well besides meeting louis briefly at a BBQ i didn't know any of these people . so every job is fun because
i am eager to talk to them like it's my first day, but it is... every job i do is like my first day at work essentially .
on this one we all actually clicked very well so at the end we're all like, "let's keep it going and get dinner", it's incredible .
some jobs require me to smile and be cheesy, some be cool, some i have to skate and some i am uncomfortable w/ at first, but
that is so all awesome . you click w/ some and some you don't, always trying new things, watching and learning . work is fun :)









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