"wow... you still are beautiful as ever"

ok the nite starts off w/ two friends squeezed in my mini cooper
on the way to soho house . remember tom from that job i did in my last
entry ? well whenever you spend a lot of time on a job w/ someone
you always say you are gonna hangout when it's all over but it never
goes down really . but sure enough 2 days later he was out w/ us

tom got a message from the waitress for a "crazy tequila
filled night" and now we're off to doheny room

wow, well would you look at that... remington ^^ if you follow madthirsty you
know i was madly in love w/ her for 8 months . she met both sides of my
family, went on a cruise w/ me, i made TEN solo entries on this site about
her (click here for example) . the boys and i were wildin' when i felt a tap on my
shoulder, i turn around and there she is, still beautiful as ever . it has been two
years since the last time i have seen her . what i felt when my eyes laid upon
her was simply, just surprise . i was happy to see her and i wanted to take
photos of her as if she was an old friend . the quote, "time heals all wounds"
could not be any more true in this situation . i was obsessed w/ her, herself and
minji were the only two girls i considered the possibility of marriage . crazy

a photo of that awkward 5 minutes where you are waiting for
someone to let you into a strangers house for the after party

i met jordan, bambi, and dan for dinner . after that we were all
deciding what to do . they wanted to do fun activities so we went
to a room where you are locked in for an hour and have to solve
a puzzle to get out . i have lived in LA and i've never even heard of it . we
were acting like kids in there it was a blast . after they were like, "let's
all go bowling !" so we ended up doing that all nite <3 <3 <3

we solved it !! kinda... we walkie-talkie'd
the manager to get hints about 5 times :P

i wanna promise you something . when this is all over,
i'm gonna find you, and i'm going to take you home







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