i remember the morning i was leaving the philippines, or at
least i think i remember . i woke up at 5am to make sure i caught
my flight . mary woke up ella to say goodbye to me, she sleepwalked
to my room where i gave her a kiss and then she walked away and
didn't say anything like kids do . celine was sitting in my bed crying
so i told her something like don't cry don't cry i will see you again this
isn't the last time it's not over don't worry ! w/ an experience like this, you
have two options, "yes those were the best days of my life this girl changed
me and i want to leave it how it is" . or you can say, "wait, i'm not done
yet, i want more, i want to see what this is and find where this leads"
and i chose the second . i told her, you can stay w/ me whenever you want,
you can experience my life for however long . but you should spend
christmas w/ your family, anytime after that you can come . and when
did she come ?? at 10am, the day after christmas :) <3

celine here looks so cute yet so bruised and broken ^^ she has
scars on her knees from when we crashed . she has a giant burn
on her face from her hair straightener and bruises all over her
legs because after seeing 'Whiplash' i drummed on her thigh all day

the time i spent w/ her in asia, the experience i gave her, (and
she gave me) i have to take responsibility how that would effect
a young girl, the feelings and expectations that would bring on .
so when she came here, we had different ideas and intentions on
what we wanted . but going through everything we have gone through
it's impossible to deny that we are bonded to eachother . and i can't
put it any more simply than these belle and sebastian lyrics ..

- Yeah you're worth the trouble and you're worth the pain
you're worth the worry, I would do the same
If we all went back to another time
I would love you over, i would love you over
I would love you -







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