VOGUE CFDA in Bellevue

two day runway job in seattle . this is the first day which is just arriving
and doing the fitting . to pass the hours in the waiting room we played
that guessing game on the iphone . it was nice to see people using that
as a tool to loosen up and get to know eachother . w/ shows of 30+ people,
and w/ people already knowing eachother therefore being cliqued up; you
don't often to get meet everyone . so this was a fun sight to see, a game
used as a tool to get people to interact w/ one another . i liked that

torian (left) was the only person to miss his flight and since he was
my roommate i was excited to have the room by myself . then he just shows
up outta nowhere after the fitting, he flew himself there business class lol

passing a joint around the table outside a mall . i mean it is legal here

this is day two, saturday . the dress rehearsal and the show . whatcha
drawing there luke ? a bear w/ a halo on a table w/ melting clocks ? cool ;)

my friend here did the sound for the show and he came up to
torian and i to talk about our skateboard tricks in the show . then we
asked him to take a photo of us w/ his phone and he pulled out that
old flip phone nokia . fucking loved that, he was my boy 4 sure

it was saturday nite, the job was done and we had nothing to do
but fly back to LA at 2pm the next day . plenty of time to go out
and we had a great little crew going so i was hoping we would
all turn up . what did the gang want to do ? they wanted to party
STAYING AT... the fucking MARRIOT HOTEL . and seattle is just a
15 minute uber ride away ?? the MARRIOT HOTEL LOBBY CLUB ??
oh HELL NOOOOO . i was out, lmao . i tried to convince people
that there are major places i'm sure to party in seattle but no one
was down . so fuck i was about to go off solo but then randomly...

preston was just like, "yo you going to seattle ? i'll roll w/ you" . literally
out of 30+ models we were the only ones to leave that nite . i'm so
envious of super models and people who get to travel everywhere . i feel
think it's the luckiest life to have . i'm recalling tulum for american
eagle, where i would go out to the clubs and find myself in sticky situations .
or in colombia for americanino, when i took the caterer cook out w/ me
and we talked through google translate the whole time . what memories <3

we found this awesome place that played house music and had a blast

after that one closed at 3 i heard there was a gay club around the block
that continued to go on . preston was hesitant at first but i convinced him
anyways ^^ it ended up being even more fun than the last place


what a way to end the trip ! after this awesome random bonding time
w/ preston i thought we were gonna be best mates . but after the job
he moved back to NY and i haven't seen him one time since . but that's
also the beauty of it . what an interesting job, where you're forced to be around
new people in new locations all the time . you have a fantastic time w/ someone
and that can be the first moment but also the last . but how cool is that ? an
ultimate catch and release . and now preston and i will always have this memory <3






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