homeboy peter opened and closed it . it's 10 p.m.
at nite and he has a fucking tank top on... so awesome

chambers shows are so sick cause by now we're all super homies

afterparty at 3 of clubs

katheryn came out :) ^^

fanned out on one of my favorite skaters eli reed, my favorite thing is when
people i look up to are really cool or even cooler than i imagined in person . seriously eli
and i were talking for minutes, so down 2 earth . fully backing him . here's a really good clip

playing backgammon because we couldn't get into rhonda

aimee opened up a sidedoor and we all barged in and ran into the crowd so the
security guard wouldn't catch us . we were all siked and highfiving and shit

torian destroying the coardboard box !! ^^

after i went up to my favorite 'blogger' of all time the arab parrot .
he was sick too, i've been looking at his site since it started when i was 17 or 18,
the homie steve lee (in the 4th pic) is always on that site and when i met
him at the last chambers show i was in my head like, omg it's that guy from the arab parrot !
now that him and i are homies we both make fun of me for knowing all these people i've never met from that site .







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