thank you for everything ;)

my crew for the best party in LA, Rhonda

brendan <3 if you check madthirsty regularly then you see this face
often . he's on about every entry if i'm at a fun dance party or rave .
so crazy that i'm catching up w/ entries and that he is in this one and the
next, yet he is gone . unfortunately he passed away . i have seen him two
times since this photo all within a month . the last time i saw him we were
at an AMAZING rave and he was on top of the speaker fanning himself
w/ the projecter shooting a blue light through him, leaving him illuminated
in an awesome way . all eyes were on him, and just like that he is no longer
here . brendan and his friend leon are the brightest stars in the rave community .
i don't really know what else to say, it's not about me, i have no wisdom to drop,
i won't preach about life, i'm just sad to lose another really special person .

LEON <3 <3 .... never leave us please !! ;) :) </3

i got kicked out of that party, the security asked me to leave
because i was "acting a little too crazy" whatever that means :/
i walked out sad and embarrassed because the guy buzzkilled me but
then i ran into these guys <3 two black twins who are wearing
naruto (ninja anime) headbands ?? ok this changed my mood real
quick ! look how smiley and happy they are :) luv these two

gabby is my favorite model i've worked w/ all year . i told her
i want to take her to a party for a gay datting app called, "chappy" .
not really a great message if you want the girl to like you... well
that ship surely sailed am i right ?? :P anyways here we are
making the best of it . gabby wore her chappy hat sideways all nite <3

i took maud and james on a field trip to "psychiatry: an industry of
death museum" . i asked the woman who worked there, "who funds the
museum ?" she was reluctant to say scientology . which makes so
much sense because their m.o. is so over the top and ridiculous, which
in turn has the opposite effect because then you don't take anything
seriously . they blame everything in the world on psychiatry in this museum,
9/11, robin williams suicide, slavery, hitler, the uni bomber etc etc . it was
actually kind've disrespectful . everyone in LA needs to come here
sometime, it's free and good for 45 minutes of laughs and cringe .

then i took them to an escape room, we did the the "mystery of
the pharaoh" challenge . i've done three escape rooms and
have never actually finished one . we just go in and get really
excited then start yelling at eachother and laugh . for those of
you who don't know what this is, you go in a themed room and
have one hour to get your way out by solving puzzles w/ clues
around the room . it's such a pg-13 activity but honestly up there
in the fun meter w/ raves . a little pricey but totally recommend :)
also my camera is breaking so it's doing double exposures :/
but how amazing is grace jones face over james and maud ?? ^^
just a naturally beautiful mistake, ya gotta love it !!



here is one of the best songs ever made , performed even
better live, w/ sinead looking absolutely breathtaking .
this is for you brendan Xx




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