taylor and i had plans to spend a relaxing day at the beach and
on the drive there we see johnny in the lane next to us . he tells
to come to paris's house party since we are already in the area .
total opposite vibe from what i originally wanted but i must admit
seeing charlie sheen ^^ there being EXACTLY as cool as the media
portrays him to be i found that a bit fun . taylor pointed out how "LA"
that moment was... going to the beach but casually stopping at
paris hilton's house party . like him growing up in indiana, me in ventura...
i don't think either of us expected to be in this crowd when we were younger

taylor and i just chillin on the beach and will's roomate and
my friend vlad comes along so we take a photo together . my
camera has been dropped so many times that it's kind of
broken at this point and on this photo the front shutters didn't
open correctly . BUT... isn't it cool ? vlad and i are oddly perfect in it,
the surfer, the tiny wave break, the sky top right...<3

we left the beach much before sunset to get home but the
car died . we got someone to jump us but it didn't work . we were
there over TWO hours trying to figure it out, this lady was
a godsend and spent a lil over an hour to figure out where her
battery was and that we had to jump a secret battery in the trunk

god i love this couple <3 <3 above is jamie wise and his
girlfriend . i met him when we did a vogue show and we had
a blast . anywho he was there w/ his girlfriend and they were
dancing together, then he starts to talk to his friend for a long
time and she continued to dance all wild just right next to him
while he talked (pictured below) . i just love to watch great couples
ya know ? couples that truly love eachother and have fun and uplift one
another, i was really observing their dynamic and it was honestly great .
i want that again someday, i guess i just love love, i like watching it 2 ;)

all the photoshop in the world can't fix my bad skin ;) ^^

look at that pointless bitch on the left trying to be
funny and photobomb my photo i created . do you know
how hard it is to grab a random guy because he's wearing
a "DEM BOYZ" shirt and then assemble all your friends
for an awesome shot around him ?? what a selfish lameass....

ran out of film but the nite kept going... this photo
is called, "hey bro's anyone got any leads on an afterparty ?"

tried to take a picture of mo's phone, he showed us tyga and his texts .
he had him saved as "LA RAPPER TYGA" hahaha

and we outta here.... peace







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