went to chicago for some shit . haven't been all that inspired lately
to take pictures . my 'on set at work' photos are mostly uninteresting anyways .
but i had so much fun at this place, an amazing city but the weather was so hot

sarah & nobu & i at the lichtenstein exhibit

picasso's 'the old guitarist' ! ^^^

got to hang out w/ joe barley, my very first agent .
he left the industry to move to chicago and start a brewery w/ his brother,
not even open for a year they already have to expand, so siked for him .
we're at a bar drinking his beer, we drank and took shots then went to a barcade .
i remember going into vision so nervous, just expecting to be turned down immediately .
he took a chance on me right there and changed my whole life, thx joe :)



this song is so perfect for this post, play this




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