when in your darkest moments,
don't you want somebody
to love you thru it ?

ok so this picks up the moment the last entry ended . i had plans
to go to city fox that nite w/ trevor, so for him it was either commit to our
plans on two hours of sleep or stay home and be w/ libby . he canceled
on me 1 hour before, but i couldn't blame him . called my brother sterling
and he was down to RIDE so off we went . brandon ended up joining us 2


we went to an afterparty and hung around for 40 min .
then the three of us went to the balcony and just talked
until the sunrise . we were all feeling so good that we went
back to sterling's, put on some sweatpants and continued hanging
until 8am . my next day was screwed but i did not care really :)

i did a job for new company that makes soccer t-shirts and
sweatpants . i did it w/ this really handsome older j crew model
who was cool . the casting was at a pete's coffee and the owner was just
at a table, he told me i got the job on the spot and bought me a coffee .
i remember leaving w/ a smile on my face because it was a double win

trevor and i having a hammock moment at a party before
we went to rhonda to meet w/ brandon and his friend . trevor
will probably ask me to delete this one above because it's "2 gay" lol

when this girl ^^ left the house she was ready to wow some people . what
a great outfit w/ a phenomenal ass . the girl below tho is a different story..

after a night at G's sulem, michael, and i chase the nite as we go
to sound nightclub to see DJ coco perform till 3 . she was fantastic,
after we go to charlie's house, so many parties there . oh and btw
all these entries, like this and the last are from months ago i'm always playing
a game of catch up . so sulem is still MIA from my life, baby su will you
fucking call me please i miss going to G's w/ the best dancer in the world ! :/

we get to charlie's and it honestly seems like hundreds of people are
there . this is a great example of an "afterparty address text" getting
passed around like a joint to too many different circles . man i could
never imagine not being in control of my own home it's a scary thought

found these ones, luna is showing me her tits and the other is drinking
tap water from the faucet w/ red lipstick on . yes, i was very into
that and i wanted them, and in the state of mind i was in i convinced
myself i could have all three of them . in reality, (key word "reality") nothing
ever plays out how it seems . so i chase that idea of fun until dawn, yet again




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