i saw angelyne driving on the freeway, i kept
trying to take pictures of her and she pulled behind
me and started to honk i felt so stupid

i took jimi (remi's brother) to my agency to try and
get him signed . he sees his brother stuntin and now
he wants a taste too so i'm helping to get him fed !!
we got new cards they look like saint laurent ads *below*

my sister lives in the building next to me which is so
cool because i get to see her every day . she has massive
windows w/ a view that reveals a depressing parking lot but
she also get's in beautiful light and the skies are very pretty <3

^^ i'm feeling the "backpack at the club" look because
it seems like you are on the go . it's like you rolled up to
the club but only for a little bit because you have a better
place to go in a bit and also don't have a car to store your
shit in you are just taking ubers everywhere, which also
means you got money and can afford a car you just don't
want to . and you are cool enough not to flaunt that you are
rich that's why you don't mind having the backpack... yep

^^ you know those jackasses that are always wildin'
out behind the news reporters ? well this is what's happening
and for the first time i'm showing it from a live viewers angle,
and they look even more ridiculous than they do on TV ,
anywho this is at the clippers playoff game 7 game at staples
center, was very excited because i had box seats

worked for junk food again for like the 8th time, love them .
look at this girl ^^ completely ignoring the makeup artist
face buried on her phone pretending like someone is texting
her at 8:30 in the morning... shaking my damn head

we broke for lunch and ordered some greek food . see that plate
on the table ? that's basically what i got . and although i did eat all
of it fairly quickly, meagan looked at the empty styrofoam all wide
eyed and said, "OMG YOU ATE ALL OF IT ?!?" everyone looked at the
absence of food and then me, i felt so embarrassed . i guess my mom always
told me to never comment on how or what someone is eating so i'm not
used to hearing that . i remember thinking in my head, ".... fuck you" :) :)
i'm just writing this to show how funny it is when you are thinking something
but never showing, i love meagan 100% regardless anything anyways

after meagan, taylor and i went out . we ended up at
a party that was kinda wack so then we went to a club
where i watched taylor makeout w/ a girl and dance w/
beautiful meagan all nite, i said fuck it imma go home ;/
but yo... two bros w/ kisses and a chain tucked in they shirts,








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