this is me riding bitch seat all the way to palm springs :/ so this is
how the double coachella weekend happened for me . my besty tay
is friends w/ this guy mo, who I know as well but tay is closer to him .
he invites taylor to go to coachella weekend two, tay being my knight
in shining armor and my hero and my boy goes, "yeah but i want jesse
to come" (god i adore him) mo says yeah and calls me for my full name
to get tickets . on the phone call he asks me what i was doing this weekend
i said nothing and he replies, "well you wanna come out to coachella this
weekend too ?" hell yeah i do ;) so this entry is from weekend one . you
know those hot girls on instagram that get to go everywhere and have
everything paid for on someone's else's penny ? well for once us boys
are going to have the "hot instagram model girl" treatment, and it felt nice :P

we rolled everywhere in the rolls-royce, i felt like a rapper . but i wanna
comment on that feeling, and i'm guilty too so i'm not throwing stones ok ?
you know how people are like, "oh yeah we rolled up in a ferrari" or, "yeah
the after party is at a mansion in the hills" or, "so and so was there" . i notice
that we feel a cool or elevated above others when we are around OTHER
people's accomplishments or possessions . you see it on insta and everywhere
all the time . i rolled up in the rolls royce, but it ain't mine . i stayed in a beautiful
house in plam springs, but i didn't chip in . i had an artist pass, but i can't afford
to pay it . that's the truth, but then we floss around like we are the shit . i
definitely have done this . feeling relevant while in someone else's world... just
commenting on this idea that's in my mind . once you start to see it you feel silly :P

i wear two pairs of underwear w/ these jeans, the boxers because i like the way
the colors go thru the rips and the briefs because it feels good . #mycalvins lol

finally after hanging around the house forever we finally arrived .
jon and jake were heel clicking and backflipping out of excitement

they have these chariots that you pay 5$-10$ per person that
LITERALLY save you about 5 min of walking, that's it . we rode
these things everywhere, all of us . just throwing away money on
our laziness, i wouldn't be surprised if we wasted 400+$ on this shit

ok this shit is so embarrassing . all of these dudes have no shame,
being that high where you are sitting down and having your friend
rub your bald sweaty head at a ridiculous speed while your eyes are
closed was gross to watch . and dude on the right sitting cross legged
in the middle of the dancefloor while getting a lightshow is also ridiculous

i'm such an idiot, i was walking around lit and clueless w/ my
friends and took a photo of the woman (red hair) cause i thought
she was vivienne westwood lol . someone dm'd me on instagram like, "love
your photo of patricia fields !" so i photo'd the wrong fashion designer
but yet still photo'd a big fashion designer . random coincidence right ?

and we outta here ! mo and i left to go to the nylon party..

"i want the one i can't have, and it's driving me mad" beckie lou ^^

my beautiful ex girlfriend dee (on right) . this day we were fighting via text
because sometimes being friends w/ someone you were in love w/ can be
difficult . i didn't even know she was out here... i saw her at the party and despite
the argument we had earlier i tapped her shoulder . she turned around and we
both smiled, the fight dissipated right there at that moment . love the bond we have <3

after we went to the beacher's madhouse party and i took my last
film photo of this guy on the dancefloor, perhaps he was lost idk

came home to these sleeping beauties in bed <3

i woke up the next morning to some new shirtless guys at the crib .
all w/ chiseled abs, throwing footballs, taking selfies, splashing around
in the pool . it all started to look like a bruce weber abercrombie & fitch
ad . tell me this image above is totally not a bruce weber moment !! ^^

this was at the bootsy bellows pool party, the plan for the day was to
go here for a while . then go to neon carnival and then the moschino
party . here's the thing, i think when people see the stars at this party,
like justin bieber, kendall jenner, gigi, katy perry etc. they think,
"wow all the most famous people are here so it must be the best party,
and im here too so i'm at the best party omg" but that doesn't change
the fact everyone is still just standing around not doing shit . personally i
like to move and wild out and have FUN . that's why you never see me at bars
i can't just talk i don't see the point . so when i saw brandon ^^ he told me he
was dipping to go to coachella i said, "fuck this bring me w/ you !" so i ditched
my friends and left just to get a lil 2 hours of dancing in :) definitely worth it

this one and i left together just to get an hour in the yuma tent

guy on the right is looking at me freaking her in my shades and swim trunks
like, "god damn this guy can dance he's so swag" (he said that verbatim)

got home w/ 5 minutes left to eat and change then we were off to
neon carnival w/ the squad . saw a lot of my friends there it was fun


jon was wildin' here, they forgot a drink or something and he
said fuck it and went behind the bar to make his own . amazing..

we left to go to the moschino party but we got there to late and it was over
capacity and we couldn't get in . whatever, it is what it is it's just
a party . but this scene.. i had to take a photo . you see the three security
guards ? they were telling everyone to leave but no one was . they literally
said no one was getting in but everyone just stood there and refused
to leave like zombies . one girl was actually CRYING ! it was bizzarre we were
literally standing outside for an hour, just on a whim and a prayer that we could
get in like it was THAT important . party people never cease to amaze me .
so i just sat on the curb and waited till my friends finally decided to leave
and the girl below joined me, i don't know who she is but she was very cool

day 3 again riding the carts and being fools having races or whatever

that's it, this was my first coachella experience and i totally
get the appeal . everyone is out there and it's nonstop a great time .
next entry is next weekend, till then "bye felicia" !!



sometimes i don't like to share my best of the best music but these
two songs i have too . these were my theme songs for the weekend,
i played it over and over in the car till everyone learned to love it w/ me ;)





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