Both Weekends
@ Coachella 2017

to most people, coachella at face value is one of the most recognizable
music festivals in the world . you pick a weekend and you have an amazing
time, that's it . but to "the cool kids of LA", it seems to be more of an accessory,
like a thing, you go out to party and be seen . most people are there w/ a GA
pass (general admission) just hanging out . for the cool ones, a VIP is a must
but if you really got it you have an artist pass . most people don't even attend
the festival itself the first weekend, they just go to the surrounding parties .
the VIP lounge and parties feels like a very who's who . and the parties, most of
my friends from LA are there so it kinda just feels like i'm back home .
no fun in that . second weekend hardly anyone i know goes, it's "the lame
weekend" . yeah, that's actually how we see it here ! but for me, i could give a
damn about what pass i have, or what parties are going on . because for two
weekends, the yuma tent in coachella becomes the MECCA of the world for
house/techno music, which is my favorite . LA seems to be the biggest city in the
world w/ the least demand for this music unfortunately . so coachella brings in all
the acts that would never come to LA, therefore most of all the photos you
will see are me inside the pitch black rave tent . so much dancing, i loved it all Xx

Honey Dijion in all her glory <3 <3 this was her first time performing at
coachella and because she gave me spare passes i was able to go
both weekends . she killed it, thank you darling :)

fuck i loved this girl . i saw honey perform at 1:30pm and she was there .
i left and came back to the tent around 5pm and she was still in the same
spot dancing solo . i told her she's major and she replied, "this is the best
place to be right now, i have no reason to leave" <3 <3

this dude... my fucking highlight of the weekend <3 i was solo
in the tent hanging out and he lightly punched me in the back
and asked who the dj was . i said, "did you just punch me ? it's
four tet" then we were just casually dancing next to eachother
for 30 minutes . i'm way down to dance near a guy but i wanted
to know what his intention was so i asked the question, "are you gay ?"
he goes, "no... are you ?" so i asked why a young guy like himself
is by himself dancing w/ a male stranger . he's like, "i just traveled
to tanzania and all the guys were doing it there and i thought it was
rad, so why not" . right at that moment i fell in love w/ him, what a
legend . so we hung out all night, we saw some other acts, just basically
best bro's the entire nite . haven't seen him since . miss you Hudson

the only party i went to, moschino . this one i personally love going
to every year because it's chic and mostly fashion people .
tons of great faces, lil uzi vert performed, it was a good time

got home around 5am . next day i was wiped out didn't even make it to sunday .
the next weekend i didn't go in on saturday !! i'm now realizing as i'm getting
older how much i value sleep and that i'm not as young as i used to be ;(


my dear friend charlie had a beautiful home w/ a pool and
golf course in the backyard that he let me stay at . so thankful

this guyyyy Nicholas <3 he was basically my Hudson but of weekend 2 .
i drove to coachella by myself and didn't have any immediate friends
going . who cares, don't need em . but i met this guy and asked for a ciggy .
then i commented on the fact that he was wearing porsche shoes lol . i told
him we should watch Bicep together (best act in my opinion)

then he dragged me to the sahara tent which only plays big name
EDM . i guess nic sells porsches to the current DJ that was playing
and that's why he was there . since he watched my acts i went w/ him to his .
a lot of people at sahara put girls on their shoulders so i thought yeah why
not let's try it, i turned around to the girl behind me and asked her and
she said yeah . what a funny photo (below) . after the act we parted
ways, haven't seen him since, but for 4 hours, he was my best friend !!

on the way to the festival sunday night carson's car runs
out of gas . thankfully kameron was nearby and helped us,
then the battery died ! thank god he bought a new car aye yi yi

crason is so funny, he told me he was going to the bathroom and
for me to stay where i was . i turn around and on his way there
i witness him casually go into the middle of a dance circle lol

love this girl, her outfit and her jumping around dancemoves
makes me thinks she's at a 1991 rave in moscow . so hot

this legend ^^ he wrote me a DM saying he wanted to meet me,
i told him to meet me under the disco shark in yuma tent . he
showed up w/ a completely ripped t-shirt . from that 10 min interaction
we became pals and have hung out since . he'll be in the next entry too

best kiss award to rachel and i

another funny story . after an end of festival party inside the artist area
by the yuma tent we were all told to leave . they guided us one direction
but we argued saying we parked on the opposite side . we kinda just ran
off and as you can see there is NO ONE left on the grounds . out of
the 125,000 people that attended the festival the last day i honestly
think we were the last ones there just wandering around . at this point
i'm completely starving . i tell carson to go ask any of the vendors
packing up if they'll offer us food, he says they won't . i give him a 20
dollar bill and tell him to try anyways . dude... he comes back w/ a
10 pound bag of BBQ pork . that's it, that's how we left the festival .
last ones on the premises w/ 10 pounds of meat . what a magical exit <3

ended up at a party before i drove home the next morning . it's
amusing when someone comes to a party that's playing house
music and they don't get it, because most of what they know is
popular culture . so this is a girl taking over the DJ booth to
play Rihanna . look at the DJ's face... priceless :P






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