coachella w/ my friends !! the very first act i saw was underworld
which was everything on earth to me . i have listened to them since
i was a kid and they played "born slippy" live.. i have waited my whole
life for that moment . since they are more of a 90's/early 00's not many
people were there so i found marielle dancing and naturally she became
my "underworld girlfriend" . sucked a little bit because they were my fav
performance so i peaked music wise with the very first act i saw . oh well

this guy was amazing ^^ he just walked around and blew balloons
during LCD soundsystem and next thing we realize that the ENTIRE
crowd is bouncing around what seemed like a hundred of his balloons (below)
so him alone had a major impact on the audience which i thought was so special <3

i wore that army green jumpsuit all three days btw :)

for those of you that haven't been to coachella this is the silent disco .
it's where everyone has headphones that is all synced to what the
dj is playing but there is no music outside playing . it's kind
of a trip when you take them off it just looks like everyone is crazy

assad gets the award for best dressed all three days :)

ok so i met the girl on the right in the yuma tent and she invited
me to a party after . unfortunately i couldn't bring my friends and i didn't
just want to go back to the hotel like i did friday . so during the silent
disco saturday w/ my crew i just slowly and quietly backed away after 20 min
and then ran away to go to this house :P when i entered there was this
60's style rock n roll band that was playing it was so unexpected .

i fell asleep and thought i took a quick nap for 2 hours . then i see
the sun coming through the blinds and realize it is fucking 10am
an my phone is blown up from everyone asking if i was ok . oops ;)

aaawww this was my coachella girlfriend that i had sunday
when i was all alone <3 the relationship only lasted for two hours
because i wanted to listen to techno in the yuma tent and she
wanted the pop edm genre . some relationships just aren't meant to last...

.... HOW ?? and this was in the VIP bathroom too . seriously tho, HOW ??

this is everyone exiting the festival at once when it's over . tens of thousands
of people exiting the GA way and we wanted to go out the VIP way which is
quicker . this was a terrifying experience doing this i just grabbed some random
girl by the shoulders and made her go in front of me like a bulldozer . i'm such a wussy

my boy trevor was desperate to go to an afterparty sunday so as
we are exiting he used his charm and starts talking to a sister DJ act
that performed actually . they tell him that we can all come to their house
across the street . we arrive and i'm like, "this is the same fucking house
i was at last night" . what are the odds ? the last photo on my roll is me w/
4 other people crammed into one of those giant plastic balls that roll around, yay






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