coachella second weekend as well, same people mostly, a little more
and also a little less . renie brought three people, john brought his
brother and taylor came . another great house and great time

"meet me under the disco shark" . the yuma tent is my jam, i could be
there 24/7 . it's the best music ever, it just lacks the production that
everyone pays money for . i grooved here both weekends for hours

last weekend we would just hang out and sit at the house till 5pm till it cooled
and then we would take off . i just wanted to go to the festival all day so
on saturday i left the house and rode up early w/ kimi and her crew

taylor and his outfits :P :P both the shirts he wore were crazy,
that's the thing i love about him he doesn't follow any trends he
just wears what he likes . this shirt was wild tho i had to take a pic ^^

mo hooked tay and i w/ artist passes <3 (thank you mo)
it's like a whole different world for the artist pass it's insane .
there is a city of trailers and this massive lagoon in the back,
and then these vans will drive you to wherever you want to
go on these backroads that i never knew about it's very nice .
also you can go to a show ANYTIME and be front n' center in this
massive pit . it's cool because you have room to get wild (below)

he had the best look out of our crew maybe the whole festival ^^

everybody chillin' but tay wanted to dance :)

i promised john the first weekend i would hook him up
w/ a girl . i always live up to my word i totally winged him
on this because he didn't have the balls to do it himself ;)

hey look there's a dust star on my face <3 after i hooked john up
he bounced w/ that girl so then i called mo and taylor but they ignored
my call for going into the crowd for flosstradamus instead of going to the
artist section w/ them . being the passionate psycho that i am i got all into my
emotions and was convinced they were all shady assholes . so naturally, like an
insane person i woke up sunday morning before anyone, tore off my wristband and
just went home . two days later i was like, "damn.. i shouldn't have done that" ;)
so yeah, that's it ! had an amazing two weekends, till next time hopefully



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