just two days in Colombia

americanino flew effy, cody, and i to Colombia to do their lookbook, yay

we got in at midnight and were starving so cody and i ordered room
service . i ordered ceviche w/ chips and him a salad . what we got was
ceviche w/ saltines and a salad w/ more cheese than greens . amazing ;)

after the first day of work we went to the mall to eat dinner
and then to the americanino store just to be corny and vain
and see ourselves . cody went up to a woman looking at the
catalogue and pointed to himself and said, "what a good looking
guy huh ?" she looked up and did a movie style double take .
it was so corny but also amazing like a zoolander thing :)

this looks like it could be a really hot threesome but in reality
effy just came up to the room to watch the fnal NBA championship
game because we missed it live . when it couldn't load she just left .
and yes cody and i shared a room and there was only one bed . don't ask ;)

after the second day of shooting i could tell it was going in the
direction as the last night being; going to the mall and then back to the hotel .
i just couldn't, so that day i asked the stylist's assistant santiago (right),
if he would go out w/ me . but he didn't speak any english, so i asked the
cook who was actually also named santiago (left) if he would come out
w/ us because he spoke a little bit of english . plus im in colombia, and
when am i coming back here ? none of us knew eachother but they were down

they basically showed me the city and we went into different bars
and i just watched them smoke a ton of weed because that's what
the kids are into there . Medellin is such a beautiful place at nite .

the taxi driver that santiago and i rode w/ was from new jersey
so he was able to translate for us . santiago spoke for a while and
i looked at the driver as he smirked and said to me, "he wants to
let you know he is very thankful you invited him out tonight and
that he had a great time and hopes to remain friends" . i looked
over and santiago was smiling at me . BOOM . that was the trip for me
right there . bringing new people to together for spontaneity, leaving the
comfort zone, being very risky, seeing a place w/ the locals, and
having a special moment . thank you guys <3 what a nite to remember

cody, the poor guy got sick so he had to stay an extra day .
so it was just effy and i off back to la la land . thx americanino
for letting me see and experience medllin and it's great people






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