the rained ruined my
free nite in Colombia

just a couple parties, just a couple of friends Xx

NEW TREND ALERT !! people bringing food inside warehouse parties ^^

yes, your eyes do not decieve you, that is what you think it is ^^
and it was meant to be used . unfortunately, i didn't see nothin' :/

back to colombia for americanino but now w/ these two new faces .
when we arrived a taxi driver who did not speak english or communicate
at all dropped us off at a hotel . we go to check in and our reservations
are not there . we drop every name associated w/ the job but to no avail .
mind you it's 1am and the calltime is at 6 . so we give up and call a taxi to
go to a holiday inn and cameron puts the room on his card . hi !! welcome !!

we were toasted, probably got 3 hours of sleep and take into
consideration the layover in mexico city and what not . i was
trying to keep it together and show face to the client and be
happy but i just couldn't sum up the energy . when we arrive to
the location for the first day of shooting i see that we're at a
skatepark all day and that i just get to roll around . all the sudden
it seemed like someone gave me ten redbulls because i was LIT .
it's funny how true happiness and pleasure overcome fatigue <3

this is the 3rd and last day on the job . i love that the staff took
this photo without me knowing, see that's the joy of film for you :)
after we wrapped camilo showed us his new magazine and his
new house right next door to his studio . right in the middle of jungle

we had the last dinner as a crew then i wanted to go out and find
some fun . so i contacted santiago, he was the cook on the last
job here in colombia and him and i became friends on set . i said let's
go wild all nite because we don't leave till 1pm the next day . the
producer of the job called and said, "jesse i heard you speak today
about leaving at 1pm tomorrow and that didn't sound right so i checked
your itinerary . it is in military time so you actually leave at 1am tonite"
she told me this when we were out and it was 10:30pm lmao . i still
desperately wanted to see something but the rain and the time
killed that idea . thank you anyways santiago.. till next time ;)

back in LA w/ my favorite two Xx

again, jordan... what else can i say ? we were talking about him going
to burning man . he said that i should join and then instantly we were
on craigslist looking for a ticket . we found a seller and we asked him
to meet us at our favorite eatery, LA Cafe . two birds w/ one stone . just
like that, an idea was conceived and a ticket was bought within 30 minutes !
completely fucking charged, what a display of awesome spontaneity Jordan

next entry watch us burn and watch us LIVE
"we're gonna fly, we're gonna shine" <3 Xx







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