Jesse Somera - Photogenics
Skinny/Extra Slim (Model #1)

us three guys did some eccomerce modeling for dockers, i was really
surprised to get this client because their clothes are very not my book .
they had me looking like a young republican hamptons boy . also the hairstylist
just decided to give me a haircut and she cut my sideburns really short and
i was grumpy about it, i think you could read it on my face the whole day . i kept
whispering to myself, 'it's my look, she fucked my look the messy thing is my look'

i liked her cuz she look like rihanna <3

these images are from the fitting and behind the scenes i took
at a show i walked in for Sav Noir . one model was a no-show so
the designer said fuck it and grabbed the make up artist to walk in the
show !! can you believe that ?! LMAO !! that is him above ^^ when roman
asked him to do it he didn't even skip a beat, he just looked and responded,
"yeah" . god i loved it, he was the real MVP . i asked the model why he was
2 hours late and he tried to blame it on an uber pool lol . then i did a show
w/ him for vogue two weeks later (that i will have a post about) and he was
an hour late to that as well ! it's like he thinks the world moves on his time
it's very arrogant but also kind of amazing because no one really punishes him

do you ever go by a street poster and someone penciled
in a swastika, drew eyeliner, and wrote a talk bubble coming out
of the mouth, and thought, "who is doing this ?" well i finally
have caught someone in the act, a male, about 35 - 40 years old,
presumably homeless, and wearing a fedora . yep, this is the guy...

fuck this is such a great crew photo i wish bartolo
wasn't closing his eyes ! anyways this is the 5 of us
seeing Pete Tong at sound nightclub he was AMAZING

the boys left us there and after sulem and i just walked
down the street w/ nowhere to go . she found some headphones
on the ground, plugged them in, and started dancing in front of this
church for a good 15 min . i just sat and watched w/ a smile like i always do

celine came to visit me for a couple days . it's crazy to think that
this time last year i was in asia w/ her, she was my world, the
jungle was our playground, and nothing else mattered ! i tried to take
that relationship out of that bubble last week and it just didn't work, w/ two
people who used to be obsessed w/ eachother just sitting there w/ nothing
to talk about . it's a strange feeling, but what we had was untouchable and
maybe we are just disconnected for now . we'll pick it up again later ;)

after G's one night Sulem and i went to one of the best parties in LA
called spotlight . i got there and the male aggressive eyes were taking
a toll on me if you know what i mean . so after about 45 min i told
her what sounded amazing, eating that cheap chinese food that we
threw away earlier that day because it was too guilty and overwhelming .
she smiled and was totally down for it, so we get home at 4am and
get it out of the trash . but it was still in the styrofoam ! totally another
george costanza moment, my life has been imitating his lately..


next day went to venice and saw my friend Vassassi

abigail did some fashion show and wanted to spend the night after
because she lives so far . so she get's out of her chic lil' outfit, puts her hair
up and makes me watch her play call of duty even tho she is terrible <3







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