where do i even begin ? look at this girl.. WOW . i recall walking up to
a dinner table at the larchmont, to my right was mario testino, at the end
of the table was legendary omar, and across was a mysterious enchanting
bald girl . i remember sitting there thinking, "damn my life is really poppin'
off right now !" . at the end of that night i was driving home thinking all about
cuba, her style, her looks, how she is so fucking young but holds herself
w/ this elegant air . we were crushing on each other hard and i told her i
would wait till she's 18, (that deal went right out the window when she met other
cool guys :P) she said, "ok i'll be at your doorstep april 15 2016" . i smiled because
we have the same birthday, what are the odds ? i often think about her life, in this
day and age, she has all the right ingredients for MAJOR stardom . we live in
a youth obsessed culture and we seem to absolutely obsess over you if you have a
powerful last name like cuba does . but cuba is different than the baldwins, and the
jenners, and the etc. she is her own woman, w/ her own unique presence,
her style, her face, her artistic talent, the culture of the present and past that she
understands so well, the shaved head ! wondering how far she can go, she has
already had more experiences and fun in her teenage years than i have in my
whole life and it is unfair . if i was cooler and more deserving i think she would
be the one <3 cuba i love you very much, out of everyone who has been in my
life and on my dear website, she is the one that we will all know in the future :)

this guy came up to us as we were sitting outside a cafe by my
house . he basically started to profess his love for her even though
i'm sitting right next to her . if we were dating he would have completely
diminished my masculinity on the spot... that's just the presence she has . wow








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