anthony let me crash at his pad

i had the wrong call time and got there 45 minutes early . i was chillin

just the three of us

i developed a huge crush on danica, i'm into eyebrows on girls and hers are unreal .
when she left i had to escort her to the stairwell.... the empty stairwell ;)

so basically one of my all time favorite photographers is ryan mcginley,
everything he does is gold . the stylist here leslie works w/ him and took
a picture of me on her blackberry to give to him . when i'm in ny i'm going
to go hard in the paint and follow that up, i doubt anything will come of it
but it's so huge for me that just the oppurtunity alone...

luv everyone in this picture . remi talked about the front page
of my site so everyone had to see, then they loved it . tanya in the middle;
her and i discussed how bryan ferry is like the cool of cool & the seamstress to her
right was trying to convince me to become a nurse the whole time i was there, so funny

in luv w/ anna, after we went to DANZIG'S house . she really wanted to see it,
it has a padlock on the gate, fucked blinds, overgrown grass, so eerie

of course.... :)

then after mulholland drive

next day i was brought back to shoot couple shots w/ the girls .
ari completely gashed her chin shooting for coca-cola the day before

what a babe

she's 14



the beautiful ones, they hurt U everytime !