ollie, luke, and i went to san bernardino to see some offroad races .
really interesting and suprisingly nice crowd, we had a random great time .

photo by luke gilford ^^

there were no bathrooms so i went pee in my starbucks cup,
but doesn't it look like their iced green tea ? also it's soooo beautiful....

... but they didn't give a fuck and just went in a drainage ditch .

i went to halloween horror nights . when you enter there are these sexy
zombie dancers and you kinda stare at them for 20 seconds and think, "yeah
that's hot but imma go into the park and have some fun now" . but not this guy,
he stood there forever w/ a tripod just filming her . lord only knows what he did w/ that footage...

4 posts ago i talked about how we didn't get a callback to go to chile .
the next day i got an email that we got it and were one of the last 4 groups .
we went to the studios to interview in front of the client and we totally bombed ! :/
NOW i can officially say we didn't get it . after we got ratchet and went to hometown buffet

bachelor asian snack ^^

steve and i had a request callback for Levi's at 8am way up in north hollywood .
so i went to sleep really early the nite before, woke up at 6 to pick up steve, we got there
and waited an hour and a half for them to basically just look at us and say, "ok cool thanks for coming" .
we were sooooo bummed !! no hate tho because they were my first job ever and it happens .
it's all good because while we were waiting we saw a deer run out from the woods in front
of this really weird spaceship . also he treated me to a breakfast/lunch after .
but still we were bummed, we kept messing w/ eachother like we got the job ;)








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