andrea and i assembled the best multi-ethnic crew to go to chile for a project . the casting director
loved us and set up a skype interview w/ all of us, so we did it at my place and were just wildin' .
it's been two weeks since we've heard from them, they r fools for not picking our ultimate posse !

after everyone split except remi, we went to k-town to dinner and then hollywood w/
this girl ^^.... even tho she doesn't respond to my texts she still has me feeling SOME TYPE OF WAYY
##girl you know we got thangs to do so get your ass in my car and come thru come thru come thru## ;)

kevin wanted to do an editorial w/ the homies . all he needed was his seamless and a wall
so we did it at my place, as you can see my loft is all purpose, shoots/skype interviews/whatever..

one saturday nite i had nothing to do so i called up my friends from ventura
and asked if they wanted to eat snacks and play N64 all nite, we had a blast

nick walker (pictured below) took some of the most epic photos of me w/
these snakes . i dropped by his studio to pick a few, he is very cool

worked for PacSun again, this time i shot at their headquaters in anaheim .
completely new crew tho except for makeup artist . another good time

right after the shoot i drove back to downtown to see Depeche Mode w/ my dad and my
beautiful sister . it was fucking awesome depeche mode is my favorite band ever

ugh this numbdick recorded soooo much of the concert on his phone .
i will NEVER understand how someone pays 100+ $$ for a concert ticket
and sits there to look at a screen that records crappy visuals and crappy audio .
honestly what has it ever done ?? whenever i see an instagram video or a snapchat
w/ someone filming not only does it ALWAYS sounds terrible but you're trying to share a feeling
or experience that cannot be shared, you just have to be there... going on a rant here but i digress

luv this kid . he got there w/ his mom and was like, "fuck this" he took her
jacket and put it over his ears and just slept thru the whole thing :P








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