so i wake up to a text from brandon saying, "are you interested
in an adventure this weekend ?" i reply, of course . he tells me about
a three day festival on an indian reservation near san diego . naturally i
call up sterling and see if he is down, and of course he is too . so we
rent a car, pack it full of comping equipment, and then we're off

alex rodriguez came !! ^^

devin and gian were there . devin owns an amazing brand
called "chp." (chapter) and xian owns a shoe brand called TCG .
i've worked for them both, i told devin the feeling i had when he
put me in my first fashion show for him and i opened, it felt so good Xx

this guy was our neighbor and this morning he kinda just
invited himself into our tent . he was explaining to me how time
and everything in this world is "endless" and just "keeps going" . he
demonstrated this idea w/ doing this finger movements pictured above..

devin walked past me and i grabbed him and was said,
"is that a tattoo ? where the fuck did you get a tattoo here ?!"
he pointed off somewhere and told me it was for free so i walked over
and put my name down on the list . seemed like a good place to get one

look how neat and organized their tent was lol .
they even had candles in the middle that seems so dangerous hah

this guy was EVERYTHING !! the beat was rising for two minutes
and he put his hands up to pray and entered some kind of a music
meditation or trance . it's like the acceleration of the beat was leading to
something monumental in his head . and when it dropped.. he started to
cry . i lost my shit . everyone did . we all became obsessed w/ him, we
were all videoing him and snapping pics . i still wonder why that happened...

i will never forget the pic/moment on the left ^^ <3 <3 so basically
i got the same tattoo sterling has on his lip as an ode to him, to
show him how he has impacted me . but what makes this festival AMAZING
is that NO ONE has service, sprint, verizon, at&t, tmobile - nothing ! that's
crazy right ? so the festival is big enough to lose your friends all day but
small enough to where if you really try, you can find them . so after i got the
tattoo i really wanted to show him but he was nowhere in sight . it was
a total buzz kill for me because i was so excited . so after walking around
defeated for 20 minutes i left the dancefloor to an aisle between the crowd
and a speaker and out of no where someone in a chair sticks their leg up
and blocks my path . i look down and see the perfect smile shining, those
piercing blue eyes .. <3 i'll never forget that feeling :) i showed him and
he couldn't believe it, what a nite and a time to be alive . so much fun

we met these cute girls last second and when brandon wanted
to leave sterling was like, "no i'm chill i'm going to stay" . at that point
i wanted to as well but didn't want to leave brandon hanging like that
so the festival concluded beautifully there for me sunday nite .

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