too many shots of corona on this site probably, but he's just sooo cute

awww sleepy saggy face doggy

you can tell these are really old because this is before christmas

neighbors - "k christmas is over"

in true drew fashion he made a penis, remember this?

this blurry stop light tit flashing would've been cool 4 the site if i actually got it, can't focus 4 shit, ih8 digital,
she was even real patient when i told her to hold it 4 a shot :)... digital focusing/shutters on point and shoots suck

drew got two photos published in this photog book

this is why he's hot

this is why i'm not

this was tripping me out, my scarf really resembled a nose and mouth

haven't talked to katheryn in a while but we did randomly at fiona's so now we hang again
this clip is over a year ago, she didn't see it coming





soundtrack: bad brains - regulator