put up a few photos that i like, had to put the drunk one up, the dogs, my friends,
half i don't even talk to anymore, friends come and go. two for the honey of course, adventura kills me.
took a couple hits and nearly lost it. my life is becoming "heaven knows i'm miserable now" with a lovelife like "jeane".
a girl told me she didn't want to talk to me anymore because our lives are going in different paths... really got to me.
moz said, "i am human and i need to be loved". feel like im in slow-mo. true loves are moving on and i feel like i'm just watching it
and slowly being pushed aside . shit ended pretty bitter last night with a girl i really care about, "i'm a conservative person", who cares.
this isn't the first time the website has ruined a relationship. bad trips on everything, way too emotional i know. falling down. dark days.
"<3" ????





song: scarlett johansson - falling down

pete doherty - jeane

buddy holly - think it over









i see the world, it makes me puke, but then i look at you,
and i know that somewhere, there's a someone who can soothe me.
to me you are, a work of art, and i would give you my heart,
that's if i had one.

life is a pigsty and if you don't know this, then what do you know?