"you know, my last relationship came from
a dark place, a lot of drugs and heaviness .
my new guy, is different, he's very
happy and pure . you jesse, you represent
something in the middle.. light & dark"


beautiful heidi and i went to see felix the housecat, the one night
i didn't hang out w/ sulem she was there at the same spot anyways

concerts in 2015 ^^ sorry ass generation

at exchange seeing Ruby Rose DJ, something about a "celebrity DJ"
will always bring the trash crowd . look at this woman, somewhere from
35-45 completely wasted getting kicked out at an EDM show . where are
you in life if that happens ?? after i took this photo the security guard tried
to kick me out about some no photo policy . i reached for an excuse to get
me to stay, "oh sir, you know it's just that that used to be me... i've been sober
now for 2 years and seeing someone like that it just reminds me how i never
want to go back ya know ? just took a photo to remind me what that looked
like..." he gave me a nod and an "alright man" and shook my hand :P :P

3am after the club ordering a burger
barefoot in a cafe... ^^ ratchet ass SMH

brandon and carson invite me to this desert hearts party so i went and had
a fucking blast . those burner type people go hard place was filled still at 4am

kiran was there looking hot as hell, YUM

kimi was out super late too and we just chilled at my place around
6 in the morning . i called sterling and he was still up too... WILD boy,
gotta love it <3 so sulem and i went over to the westside 2 meet him

we said fuck sleep and just went to the beach and had an amazing day

kiran (at the party above) has her own yoga/burning man pants
line and wanted me to model for it . obviously not my vibe at ALL but she
met my rate and i'm down 4 her so ynot . pretty impressed by her she dropped
out of art school and is going really well doing her own thing . the other
model was topless all day and got in trouble cause the neighbor complained lol

look at this crew.. epic . todd, sulem, and omi . if you have been following
madthirsty for a while you know i used to go to this club last year and then
i was banned and had to remove all the photos from my site . i'm not going
to get into why but almost after a year i'm finally allowed back in . this place,
it's kinda like my ultimate everything . i live for it, it makes my saturdays so
sweet . this place is where fashion / glamour / spirit lives, haven't seen anything
like it in LA . so yeah, thank you sulem for pulling that . forever in your debt

walking to my car and some guy is screaming, "hey you suck my dick !"
out of his window repeatedly . sulem got angry and i told her to just ignore
him . finally i look at the person and of course it's reda . we hopped in
his whip and he took us to the next location . there's always a next location...









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